Not-so-void-of-course, again! Moon in Gemini

So, another day with the “Moon void of course.”

Before I get into it, let me be clear: I’m not suggesting that astrologers have been “wrong” for centuries and I’m just now fixing it. I am rather suggesting that there are blessings to be gleaned within the “void,” as discrete as any transit, yet within the context of the not-so-void-of-course Moon: a great time to be lazy. These investigations can indicate what kind of lazy!

The concept of a void of course Moon originated at least as far back as the 4th Century (Julius Firmicus Maternus, quoted by Robert Hand in Jenni Stone’s TMA article Understanding the Void-of-Course Moon). Though we have updated the list of relevant bodies with which the moon can be out-of-aspect to include Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, it doesn’t yet include asteroids etc.–even Ceres (now classified as a dwarf planet like Pluto). Astrologers who do work with asteroids use their transits to prove their value (see Expanding Astrology’s Universe by Zip Dobbyns for case studies on obscure asteroids like Pittsburghia and Moscow, and more recently, Alex Miller’s thought-provoking analysis of asteroids bearing people’s first names relating to the Sandy Hook incident ).

To continue with a look at esoteric aspects and objects and their relation to the otherwise void Moon.

Today, 1/23/13, from 3:42 AM to 7 PM PST: the shifty Gemini Moon began to separate from her trine with Mars (and recently sesquiquadrate Mercury, biseptile Venus, conjunct hearthy Ceres). Which begins our track of her not-so-void course:

Overnight, she was applying to an inconjunct quincunx with her own North Node, when our emotions can be even more uncertain in their direction, not sure where to place that energy (and in thinky-Gemini, we might be on shaky ground anyway). Nervous, deliberating dreams, anyone?

Major night-time early morning aspects with other important bodies: Centaurs Okyrhoe (opposition) and Nessus (trine); trans-Neptunian objects Sedna (semi-sextile) and Rhadamanthus (trine). So we have a Moon-Nessus-Rhadamanthus “Grand air trine:” Rhadamanthus, judge of the dead, might give us a second chance in his easeful harmony with vengeful Nessus and the void Moon. In full opposition to the Moon, Okyrhoe might help to put our critical quandaries in perspective. At its peak around 8 AM, this forms a “kite” pattern, integrating the principles of Okyrhoe, Nessus, and Rhadamanthus with the Moon.

Kite at 8AM PST:  Moon, Okyrhoe, Nessus, Rhadamanthus

By 9 AM, with everyone scurrying to work, Moon was annoyingly applying to sesquiquadrate with Saturn as if to mock our best laid plans of getting to work. Of course, I just slept in.

At the same time, with Moon applying to binovile with Uranus, quindecile Pluto, biquintile Psyche, tridecile Chiron: we have a slew of esoteric aspects between a crew of deep thinkers/feelers/healers that adds up to a chance for scraping out the spiritual gunk from dark corners during the day.

All through the void time, true Black Moon Lilith, the Moon’s shadow self, is the focal point of a yod in Gemini from Saturn and Pluto. According to Alan Oken, the sextile between Saturn and Pluto can be, along with the same between Jupiter and Uranus, “an opportunity for the people involved in the structures of world power … to come together for the discussion and resolution of international challenges.” Pointing their fingers in Lilith’s direction seems to indicate a resolution of the darker side of matters. One example from today is Hillary Clinton finally answering before Congress about the attack in Benghazi. In true testament to voidness-of-course, the Guardian reported that “there was an anticlimactic feel to the hearings” after waiting so long for answers.

By 3 in the afternoon, the Moon is quincunx Hebe and our emotions can be pulled awkwardly askew with the asteroid of codependency (Martha Lang-Wescott).

Tonight at 6:10 as she traverses the final degree of Gemini before returning home to her native Cancer, the Moon exactly biquintiles her North Node, indicating that a creative resolution to the dilly-dallying is in sight. In this case, this might mean her return to Cancer (the sign ruled by the Moon) will be an emotionally transformative one, especially as that period is a respite before the Full Moon in Leo this weekend.

As with any planetary weather, one’s own natal relationship with the day (your own transits) will color perception of celestial movements. If you’re having an otherwise strong Saturn or Mercury transit, for example, you might have powered through the day with certainty.

Please note that I am intentionally not including much about aspects other planets make with other planets. I’m trying to hone in on just what kind of moon journey this really is.

PS: I love Alan Oken‘s monthly reports. Note that today is a gap in his analysis of the month’s events (due to its “voidness”). Great for context of the Leo Full Moon ahead.


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